Yamanashi Systematized Goodwill Guide




Request a Free Guide

Please read and agree to the following Guide Service Policies before booking a free guide

YSGG dispatch our members to  foreign tourists visiting yamanashi with voluntary sightseeing guides and language assistance as follows. 

1. Application for our services

 1) Please contact us and fill in the Application Form at least two weeks in advance.

 2) After receiving your contact information, we will send the application form asap.

         Application Form (Download by PC)

         Application Form (Download by Mobile Phone)


    (Please replace "※" to "@" . We use "※" to prevent spam)

2. Expenses

  Our services are free of charge. These, however, are given on the understanding that all entrance fees, transportation cost, food, drink, parking and other costs for the guides will be paid by the persons requesting guide services.

  In case of more than 10 people guiding, two or more guides request should be counted, depending on the number of group because of travel security and efficiency.  

3. Other terms

 1) We do not provide evening/overnight services nor those for any commercial purposes from travel agents, etc. 

 2) Both YSGG and the volunteer shall not be held responsible for any accident or damage occurred during the service. 

 3) The service you request will not be available if we cannot find the appropriate volunteers and/or if you cannot comply with the terms and condition of our service.